F50 boots facts


For people seeking to purchase a pair of F50 boots, the following are some of the things that entail the facts about this type of football shoe.

One: The F50’s is meant for football players, because it is designed for the football game, to provide light weight to the player and also create stability from the ground. The shoe is designed with light leather material to assist the ball flow well when at the player’s feet.

Two: there are other shoe ranges before the F50’s namely the F10’s and the F30’s. the F10’s being the first design in this range, the shoe did have more weight and the material used was heavy, today the F50’s weight as little as 145grams due to the very light leather used to make the shoe.

Three: F50’ shoes is an Adidas design and the name was given to commemorate when West Germany, wore the footballs shoes by Adidas and won the European championship. Hence the name F50’s meaning football 50.

Four: The Adidas Company has the designed shoes, named after the great Argentina player Lionel Messi. The shoes are known as the Messi shoes a type of F50 whose brand name is sold by Messi also the Barcelona player, last year most of the Argentina jersey that sold out, had his number on it.

Five: the F50’s are sold in retail stores, sports shops and even gift shops, alongside other sports merchandise like caps and the soccer jacket, these shoes are also available online.



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